Recently, Sripath Innovations was proud to attend Impervius!

IMPERVIUS is a unique conference in the European region where Roof Membrane producers, their Raw Material suppliers and European Construction Market Forecasters/Lobbyists/Sustainability Guru’s meet. This event was only the 2nd such meeting.
Gilli Hobbs, Associate Director at “Reusefully Ltd UK” (Re-use-fully) presented ideas for the European construction industry to look at raw materials which can be Recycled/Reused several times. A subject at the core of Sripath’s DNA with ReLIXER®️ upcycling bitumen on European roads, a process to be repeated several times. Sripath Innovations team is looking forward to exchange ideas with Reusefully Ltd to help drive the message in our area of the industry.
European Bitumen industry veteran Keyvan Hedvat (Argus Bitumen) and Wim Teugels (Nynas Belgium) elaborted on the supply chain pressures pressures faced by the European bitumen refineries obtaining quality feedstock. This creates a perfect opportunity for Sripath’s NuMIXER®️ increasingly popular in the United States to correct bitumen grades and enhance performance.
Sripath Innovations team also had the opportunity to introduce to European roof membrane market leader Ines Antunes R&D Director at POLYGLASS Italy, Gaby Gedeon GM at DERMABIT Waterproofing Industries Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PGXpand®️ Sripath’s bitumen-friendly polymeric additive.
Now discussions can move forward towards sustainable benefits, cost savings Sripath’s market leading asphalt additives can bring to our new potential partners.